#1 Best Seller!!!! 1 Natural Multi Gemstone Chakra Crystal Healing Chip Gemstone 7 Inch Stretch Bracelet.

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FREE USA SHIPPING*****This is a 1 of a kind bracelet created by Sublime Gifts…..Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means wheel. The human body has 7 major chakras and many minor chakras. These seven chakras start from the base of the spine and culminate at the top of the head. Though these chakras are fixed in the central spinal column, they are located in the ground and back of the body and work through them. These chakras or wheels have a wheel of continuous revolving and rotating energy. However each chakra vibrates and rotates at a different speed. While the root or first chakra has the slowest rotation speed, the crown or seventh chakra rotates the fastest. Colors create stimulation The stimulation for these chakras come from its own and complimentary color and a range of gemstones that have specific uses. These chakra colors are basically the seven colors of the rainbow, which are: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. The brightness and size of all these individual chakras vary with individual development, energy level, physical condition, disease and stress. Once these chakras are not balanced or end up blocked, one's life tends to slow down. You start feeling listless, depressed and tired. It is essential for all the chakras to be in constant balance to promote health and well being. However it is important that the chakras do not open too much. It can lead to excessive universal energy entering the body, which can consequently lead to a literal 'short circuit'. On the contrary, if the chakras are closed, it will not let any universal energy flow through the chakras. This in turn leads to diseases and health problems.