1 Green Agate Pendant Gold Plated Paradise Exclusive Certificate of Authenticity

  • Iban headhunter village on Borneo
  • keajaiban Allah.. Azan berkumandang di seluruh dunia tanpa henti
  • MAC Hello Kitty Live Action Ad
  • FanBox Video Earnings
  • קנה לעצמך מטוס לחיים מאושרים !
  • Todo sobre la marca y su registro
  • Cindy Crawford at the GUM OMEGA Boutique in Moscow
  • Arumai Illam- A Place for the Needy
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Stunning Agate Slice Pendant with gold plated edges. Just add a chain (not included) and your set to go! Find more great pendants and stones in our shop. Search Rock Paradise on Amazon. We also have many bulk deals available! Direct manufacturer from Brazil, but all products ship from the USA!