2.21 Carat Loose Emerald Oval Cut Gemstone

  • Ruby Sri Lanka Oval 2.21ct. ID #218035385
  • Beautiful Medium Blue Color Loose Blue Sapphire Gem - Lively & Vivid Color, Oval Cut, 2.21 carats -
  • 2.62 CTS Aquamarine Round Cut Natural Loose Gemstone
  • 2.65ct Untreated/Unheated Loose Gemstone Stone Natural Colombian Green Emerald
  • World Class Ruby Red Spinel Gemstone from Sri Lanka 2.59 cts
  • Aquamarine 6.94 Carat With Exceptional Cut
  • Facets of Knowledge - Round Brilliant vs Portuguese Round
  • 5,98 ct 2 pcs Magnificent fire Oval Cut 10 10 x 8 10 mm Green Peridot
  • 7.85-Carat Phenomenal Eye-Clean Vivid Royal Green Emerald from Zambia (Video # 1)
  • 4.80cts Loose Bluish Bright Green Natural Colombian emerald cut from Muzo!
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This beautiful Emerald comes from the Zambian mines. It has intense green color, VVS2 eye clarity, excellent brilliance and oiled treatment. All gemstones at GemsNY are 100% natural. No lab created or synthetic gemstones are sold. All gemstones are ethically sourced.