Cheo Rish Men’s Titanium Steel Vintage Black Ruby Ring,Big Stone

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Treatment Process: Material Selection: All the product of Cheo Rish were made in environmental Alloy,Titanium steel and High Grade diamond, The cost is three times higher than normal material.Quality is the most important things to us. Electric Plated. Products Surface with advanced electroplate craft processing, even color, attached close, corrosion resistance, excellent smooth. Electroplating thickness is five times thicker than others. Polish: We adopt two different polish technical. Using Precision polishing machine to polish plane, Hand polishing for curved surface.In order to make the surface smooth.Every polisher are have more than three years experience in polish. Inlaid/Inset diamond: Pure manual Mosaic by skilled worker which have more than five years experience. To Makes surface smooth,diamonds uniform distribution, and more quality sense. Allergy free. New environmental material with top class electric plating technical ,NOT easy allergy. The allergy rates of Cheo Rish product are only 0.0003%.