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Get blessed with this collection of silver plated jewelry with natural gemstones. The collection possesses handpicked designs ranging from everyday-jewels-for-the-masses-worn-daily-by-millions to exclusive-limited-edition-special-pieces-for-those-who-wish-to-steal-the-limelight. Silver plated jewelry is made by covering a non-precious base metal with a very thin layer of silver. Silver-plated jewelry comes originally from the 19th century and was created to provide what would be expensive items to the masses. It is again in high demand since last few years because of consistent increase in raw silver prices world-over. Our jewelry is made with high end silver plating procedures but all silver-plated jewelry tarnishes at some point, as the chemicals from daily wear and the exposed layer of silver may react with air to change the color of the item. Therefore it is advised to protect and increase life of the jewelry by keeping it away from water, soaps, makeup and perfumes.