Forever One Oval Moissanite 6x4mm by Charles & Colvard, D-E-F color range

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Charles and Colvard's Forever One Oval Moissanites are in the D-E-F color range. Oval Cut Moissanites are a modified brilliant cut elongated round cut,with an elliptical shape. As with the Round cut, Oval cut moissanites have triangular or kite shaped facets that radiate from the center of the gemstone. Oval cuts have more brilliance than step-cut gemstones such as the emerald an asscher moissanites due to the number and angle of the facets.. Moissanites are conflict-free and socially conscious lab created gemstones. Each Forever One Moissanite is Laser Inscribed and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and a Limited Lifetime Warranty from Charles and Colvard. Charles and Colvard Moissanites are hand cut by master gem cutters. Charles & Colvard lab created silicon carbide crystals known as Moissanites have a hardness MOHS SCALE 9.25, a natural diamond has a harness of 10. Because of the hardness of moissanite jewels, they can be cut with sharp, well-defined, and highly polished facets that accentuate their brilliance and fire. The brilliance refractive index (RI) of a moissanite is 2.65-2.69 whereas diamonds are 2.42, confirming moissanites to be brighter, more lusterous, and with a fire dispersion greater than a diamond, 0.044, where moissanites have a dispersion of 0.104. Fire dispersion is the breaking of light rays into spectral colors. Moissanites are durable as determined by the MOHS SCALE Hardness, a resistance to scratching; and toughness, or resistance to chipping or cleaving. *Carat is the traditional measuring unit of a diamond's weight. Moissanite stones are slightly lighter than diamonds.