Green Aventurine SM Aquarium Safe All Natural Stone, Metaphyscial Healing, Chakra Stones

Aventurine .75" to 1.5" Stones. Each order will include 35+ SMALL Pieces of Aventurine ~1# Total Weight. See pictures for examples and approximate size of these small pieces. Separate pieces you can arrange and design any way you like in your Aquarium, Terrarium, Home or Garden! Metaphysically, Aventurine is a stone of good luck… Keep Aventurine with you when you gamble, go on a job interview or seek financing. Aventurine makes a good divination tool for spiritual guidance on anything related to money or gambling. Aventurine is associated with the heart chakra. Aventurine is also associated with the astrological sign of Aries and vibrates to the number 3. The Pictures are only examples of the type of rock that may be included in your order. All Rock is Natural and Unique, therefore your order will contain similar pieces of rock, but it is impossible to exactly duplicate the natural stone configurations shown in the pictures. Total Weight Approximately 1 pound of Rock in each order **–** NATURAL STONE **–** A beautiful addition to your Aquarium – Terrarium – Home or Garden This is rough natural stone and may need to be rinsed off and even "scrubbed" a bit in clean clear water (no soaps or detergents!!) before introducing to your aquarium/terrarium. For any special need or For more information contact Books&Ornaments before ordering. We welcome your questions and are happy to accommodate your individual needs whenever possible.