Handmade Amazonite, Sunstone and Amethyst Healing Bracelet

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This bracelet is made with a 20mm Amazonite stone and 6mm frosted amazonite, sunstone and amethyst bead stones. It fits wrist sizes 6 to 7 comfortably and is quality tested for durability. Beneficial in yoga, meditation, chakra balancing, reiki and energy work. Amazonite is a stone said to be of truth, honor, communication, integrity, hope, and trust. It is said to enhance intuition, psychic powers, creativity, intellect, and psychic ability and is beneficial to communication. Sunstone inspires excitement and the joy of living. It allows the real self to shine through and brings luck and good fortune. It dispels codependency and procrastination, aids in cutting ties with others and promotes liberation, freedom and individuality. Sunstone clears the chakras and helps with depression and mood swings and encourages optimism and enthusiasm while removing inhibitions. Amethyst increases psychic ability and intuitive powers plus it promotes a calm mind and deep sleep. Amethyst cleanses the aura and chakras and dissipates negative energies.