INK WASH Natural Citrine Healing Crystals Chip Gemstone 7 Inch Stretch Bracelet

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The gemstone Citrine is the official birthstone for the month of November as adopted by the American National Association of Jewelers in 1912.

It is also the planetary stone for the Sun Sign of Virgo and the accepted gem for the 13th and 17th wedding anniversary. Citrine is a variety of quartz ranging in colors of yellow, yellow-brown, orange, dark orange-brown, reddish-brown.

Citrine crystals can form together with amethyst or smoky quartz to form bi-colored quartz called ametrine.

Citrine is known as the lucky "Merchants Stone". If you are in any type of sales, just put a citrine in the cash drawer and watch what happens.

Also used by healers to:

? increase self esteem

? protect from the negative energy from someone else's abuse

? open the mind to new thoughts

? promote clarity of thought

Healing properties of citrine Citrine is sometimes used by healers to help with digestion as it is considered beneficial to the endocrine and digestive system – cleansing, purifying and eliminating poisons that have built up. Citrine is an excellent stone to calm and soothe distressed conditions. Some use it to help relieve depression, digestive problems (including constipation and diabetes). It will give joy and love to the owner. Citrine gives a powerful alignment with the higher self. It balances the emotions and makes the mood sunny and cheerful. It assists in making the thoughts clear. Brings joy and draws abundance through joy. Good to use in healing as it is a powerful transformer. Citrine is one of a very few stones that does not hold on to or accumulate negative energy, but dissipates and transmutes it, working out problems on both the physical and subtle levels. It hence, never needs clearing or cleansing. The merchants stone; placing a cluster or crystal of citrine in ones cash box has produced more income for the merchant.