Jackpot Jade Mineral Green Elephant Figurines Statute for Wealth, Luck, Power and Feng Shui Great Gift for Home Decorating House Warming And Office Desk

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Elephants have a reputation in both Indian and Chinese culture for attracting wealth and good luck. In Feng Shui, there are many application of the use of elephants depending on its material and its placement in the office or home. While some feng shui experts believe that elephants should be placed in specific areas and facing certain directions but you can be confident that you can place them either facing or looking out of your home. Pictures, photos and drawings of elephants can be used in place of a statue or a figurine. The application for feng shui elephants is actually different for each room and various directions. Placing a pair of elephants or an elephant at the front door is believed to bring good luck, strength and protection to the household. Sometimes these elephants are referred to as elephants of many blessings. Feng Shui experts suggest that the feng shui elephant should have its trunk facing upwards as that represents victory, good luck and prosperity