Keychain Set 03 Silver Pack Amethyst, Quartz & Citrine Rough Point Stone

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Set of 3 Keychains

Natural Amethyst, Citrine and Quartz hang from your new crystal healing keychain set. The Amethyst is a translucent purple stone. The Citrine is a yellow and white stone. The Quartz is a translucent white stone. All three stones are in their natural point formations and hang from silver steel key rings. This is a limited-edition Amethyst, Citrine and Quartz keychain set. You will receive three keychains; each is unique and may vary slightly from pictures.

Amethyst is a key spiritual stone to open communication with angels, telepathy and other psychic abilities. It is an excellent stone for meditation, dream work, past life work, and can help you see your path in this life. This healing stone is used to balance anything to do with the head, like headaches, insomnia, worry and restlessness. Amethyst helps to open and balance the Crown and Third Eye Chakras.

Citrine is known as the Merchant Stone because it flows with the universal energy of cash flow. Place Citrine stones wherever you carry money. The warming gemstone also increases self-esteem and personal power, enhancing confidence, happiness and will power.

Quartz is known as the Master Healer and will amplify energy and thought, as well as the effect of other crystals. Quartz healing crystals absorb, store, release and regulate energy, aiding in self-healing. Quartz is a great all-purpose crystal as it helps open and balance all Chakras.

The crystals come in a Kraft jewelry box which can be filled with dry sea salt or dry brown rice to keep the healing stones energetically charged when not in use. Due to the natural state of stones, you may find varying colors, inclusions, veins, surface craters, dips and minerals in the crystal.