Large Amethyst Cathedral Crystal Specimen From Uruguay! 15.6 Lb

  • 6" Gemmy Blue CELESTITE CRYSTALS in a Large Sparkling GEODE-Madagascar-for sale

STUNNING DEEP PURPLE AMETHYST CATHEDRAL FROM URUGUAY!! BEAUTIFUL SHAPE! LARGE CRYSTALS, PERFECT FORMATIONS. AMAZING SPECIMEN. TRULY ONE OF A KIND. SIZE:11 tall X 7 wide, deep purple color, super high quality Amethyst from Uruguay. Weights 15.6 Lb. PLEASE NOTE: All pictures taken with my iphone, no filters used, all natural light. Color may vary depending on the area of the house or garden I took the picture. Images don't do justice of the beauty of this amethyst cathedral, much beautiful in person. Your satisfaction is guarantee! AMAZING ENERGY AND VIBRATION. AMETHYST IS A MASTER HEALING CRYSTAL REF#03