Large Amethyst With Calcite Crystal Specimen 9.8 Lb

  • 7" 2.5LB Green Polished BULLS EYE MALACHITE-Congo for sale
  • Rose Quartz, Madagascar
  • 2.3" 581ct BriteLilacPink KUNZITE Double Terminated Crystal Afghanistan for sale

SPECTACULAR AMETHYST CRYSTAL SPECIMEN WITH MASSIVE CALCITE CRYSTALS FORMATIONS. ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!! Huge Extra large Calcite Crystals Growing On The Amethyst!! SPECTACULAR SPECIMEN SUPER RARE! LARGE SIZE measuring 10 X 9 X 4 inches approximately. Weight 9.8 Lb. Amazing large perfect calcite crystals, truly one of a kind, much beautiful in person. This Specimen is simply amazing!! MASSIVE calcite growing on the Amethyst matrix. STUNNING SPECIMEN, MASSIVE CALCITE CRYSTALS. AMAZING ENERGY AND VIBRATION** AMETHYST IS A MASTER HEALING CRYSTAL IMAGES: All taken with my iPhone in my home. Color may change due to different lighting, or your computer monitor. This incredible crystal specimen is much beautiful in person and larger than what appears in the photos.