Larimar Slab 18 Pair Blue Stone Crystal Healing Genuine Gemstone Set

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Set of 2 Larimar Slabs

Natural Larimar is polished into your new crystal healing slab set. This is a soft blue stone with unique white patterns, black minerals and brown Hematite inclusions. The free-form slabs are polished smooth on both sides but remain rough on some of the edges and in the natural surface craters. The genuine stone slabs can be displayed upright for Feng Shui or lie flat for energy healing practices.

Healing crystal slabs possess beautiful, high healing energy. You may hold them in your hands for deep peace meditation or place them flat on your body with a healing crystal layout. You can also keep or carry the crystal slab with you to generate good, circulating energy throughout the day.

Larimar is a relatively newly discovered stone, representing the New Age with its cool blue energies of tranquility. Larimar connects us to the wisdom of Atlantis's crystal age. Just gazing into the soft blues of Larimar help you to relax into a state of serenity. This is a great crystal to have with you when you are anxious, going into surgery or seeing the dentist!

This is a one-of-kind Larimar slab set. You will receive the exact items as pictured. The stones comes in a Kraft gift box which you can add dry brown rice or sea salt and store the crystals when not in use! Due to the natural state of the stones, you may find varying colors, surface dips, veins and inclusions within each Larimar slab. Please note that natural Larimar is photosensitive and may fade over time in high light or heat, so keep your stones protected when not in use.

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