Morden style Hand Blown Glass garden decoration

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The price is for 1 piece. Size:H:800-1500mm ( size can be customized). MOQ:10 pieces. Notice of customisation: The colour, size, style of all of our products can be customised under your request. Also we can produce any specific products based on your design drawing. Damage/Remedy: We provide free replenishment for any goods damage. Also, before we deliver your products, the actual amount we normally load is a bit bigger than the amount you ordered thereby it may let the amount of products in good conditions still meet your requirement. However, there are certain conditions you should pay attention to: 1. Please kindly confirm the amount of damaged products and contact us with the pictures of them on the day you received your order. Otherwise free replenishment will not be available (this is because all of our products are really fragile that require in time inspection; please understand this and we are sorry for any inconveniences). 2. After the free replenishment issue has been settled, we will also send you the products with free packaging. However, delivery cost is not included. 3. For any customised products, returning &refund service is not available. 4. When your order is ready, pictures of products will be sent to you and we will contact you for a confirmation. If there were no objections or problems, no products returning &refund service afterwards. 5. Please be aware that if you didn't check your products before you sign for your order, we are not responsible for the issues like damage, product discrepancy, not same with what you think, mismatched amount of products, or not in good quality. 6. Please read the above polices carefully, and for any finished payments we shall consider you as fully agreed with these polices.