Natural Clear Gold Rutilated Crystal Quartz Rutilation Ball Sphere 3.42 Inch 2.11lb Healing Spiritual Reiki High Energy

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You will receive this absolutely gorgeous and lovely ball made of real Tibet Himalayan gold rutilated natural crystal ! This unique quartz ball of finest craftmanship is water clear with strands of gold rutilation . The specifications are about 3.42 inch (87mm) in dia and about 958 grams. Perfect size for all kinds of energy works.
Rutilated quartz is called master healer. Rutilated quartz is said to slow down the aging process and to help strengthen the immune system. It is also said to be a strong healer and to be helpfull in recovering from radiation exposure. This lovely ball will make a great centerpiece for any room, healing space or work area!
All of our crystals & stones are natural and have formed over millions of years. Because they are natural, each piece may have inclusions, natural lines or indentations. This is normal and part of the natural material.