Nourison Contemporary Rectangle Area Rug 9’9″x13’9″ Jade Gemstone Collection

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Luster, dimension and sparkling jeweltones set the stage for the lapidary elegance of Gemstone, a spectacular collection from the artists at Nourison. In shimmering colors and luscious textures, these exquisite rugs play with abstract patterns that hint at NatureIs inspiration. The handcrafted beauty of each imaginative piece makes a statement of contemporary style. Finesse your home with one of these special rugs as the starting point or finishing artistic touch. In a wool blend that enhances the subtle tonal shading. 30 Wool 70 Luxcelle 2 ?Hand tufted Luxcelle 2 is a proprietary viscose fiber made from cellulose and purified cotton. It has been specially developed by Nourison for use as a carpet yarn and has been formulated to have superior strength, a fabulous silklike sheen, and excellent color retention.