Octahedron white loose diamond Uncut Rough for ring jewelry necklace

  • 1 22ct fancy faint pink hue octahedron rough diamond
  • 120 industrial grade rough diamonds
  • 9ct Raw Uncut Diamond ring
  • 1.91ct Natural Mined Octahedron Rough Diamond
  • Raw diamond for sale1
  • Rough Diamond 81.14 ct
  • Pink and white clean rough diamonds
  • matching pair silver rough diamonds
  • 94 pt d color vs+ octahedral rough diamond
  • 84ct fancy yellow octahedron rough diamond
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Diamonds of this quality are usually cut and processed into polished diamonds. However, we believe that diamonds are beautiful in their natural form without the need for polishing and cutting. All of our diamonds are 100% naturally mined. All of our diamonds are conflict free and abide by the Kimberly process.