Primitive Hunter on Horse – Handmade Clay Pendant – Native American Indian – Rock Art

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Handmade in the spiritual heart of New Mexico! This piece was hand-crafted with polymer clay and special hand-blended pigments and was inspired by the beautiful and mysterious "SPIRIT HORSE RIDER" pictographs the Moab culture in modern-day Utah and the four corners region of the American Southwest left behind for us to enjoy. It was discovered at San Rafael Swell, located in central Utah. This site, which contains two small pictograph panels, is located on a yellow Wingate sandstone cliff about 200 feet high. Pendant Necklace comes with an approx. 27" inch natural waxed black colored cord embellished with handmade ivory, deep earth brown, and charcoal-toned Native American-style handmade clay beads. Size is approx. 1.25" inches wide by 1.75" inches tall. Each piece is individually made and no two are ever exactly the same. I strive for consistency on each piece but slight variations in size, shape, and color are inevitable but not by much. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions! *Not made by Native Americans Thanks for Shopping!