rockcloud Natural Specimen Mineral Children Scinece Geology Sample Collection Rock Kit

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rockcloud 12 Pcs Natural Rock Specimen Kids Scinece Geology Sample Collection with Kit
A box of 12 Assorted Gemstones is great for stone collectors,geology samples,studies,and also gift idea for kids and friends.
12 Kinds of Natural Rock
There are Blue Beryl,Labradorite,Azurite,Aragonite,Chrysocolla,Desert Rose,Blue Corundum,Copal,Orpiment,Volcanic,Sodalite,Pink Opal inside the kit.
Random Size and Shape
Since they are all natural stones,the actual sizes and shapes of stones are a bit different from each other.We will send by random from available lot.A 2-5mm's variation in size is considered to be normal.