The Sphalerite of Almandine (The Noor Trilogy Book 2)

Atrament has spoken, and armed Clara Maddingley, High Lord of the Helm at Almandine, with secret and dangerous knowledge.

No longer dwelling on painful loss, the desire for vengeance is now uppermost in her mind.
While her Spymaster’s agents search for the she-bitch, who instigated her boy’s madness, her eyes turn to the Order of the Guardians.

Their origins known. Their false god revealed. Their tyranny uncovered. Determined to break the stranglehold, the Order have had on Noor for aeons, Clara seeks for an opportunity to spark rebellion, and finds it in the most unlikely place.

If everything has a price, must freedom be bought with blood?

If Noor is enveloped in civil war, who pays…?