Tibetan Black Quartz Points- Double Terminated Quartz – Smoky Quartz Crystal – Smokey Quartz

  • Crystal Healing with Black Morion Quartz
  • Perfect Smokey Quartz Crystal
  • Tibetan Quartz - The Crystal of the Gentle Path
  • RARE Arkansas Smoky Skeletal Enhydro Quartz
  • Selenite and black Tibetan Quartz
  • Tibetan Quartz Crystal Scepter
  • Tibetan smoky Quartz Crystal with two enhydro spots
  • Q246 - Double Terminated Tibetan Quartz Crystal
  • Wicked Good Deal on Tibetan Smoky Quartz Crystal
  • 5.7" Double Terminated QUARTZ Crystal Wand with Sub-Crystals Tibet for sale
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Tibetan Black Quartz • purifying energies • has the vibration of the "OM" • used for balancing all chakras and meridians • can be used for very powerful energy grids and deep spiritual meditation • excellent for dissolving energy blockages and purifying energies • superb for protection of the aura or an environment and will also purify the aura or environment